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 Migrants in the Australian Labour Market

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Migrants in the Australian Labour Market

The Australian labour market is a welcoming place for migrants, with recent surveys showing over 24% of the workforce to be made up of employees born in countries other than Australia. The Australian Government is currently increasing this number by actively encouraging migrant workers through the Skilled Migration program.

Australian society is one of the most culturally diverse in the world and is very accepting and open to migrants. Australian people are used to living in a melting pot of cultures and a great many are either born overseas or remember their migrant roots. The cultural diversity of the Australian society and the affinity that Australians have with migrants makes it a country very accepting of newcomers.

The Australian Government actively promotes multiculturalism and its policies recognise and celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. It is also very tough on discrimination with strict laws put in place to ensure fair treatment and respect for diversity. The friendly attitude of Australian people combined with the Government’s strong support of multiculturalism make the Australian labour market easily accessible to migrant workers.

Migrants who come to Australia under the Skilled Migrant Program have excellent chances of finding work. Recent surveys show that almost 90% of Skilled Migrant Visa holders find employment within 6 months of coming to Australia.

Your chances of quickly finding employment in Australia are increased further if you have a strong proficiency in English language, tertiary level education and high skill levels.

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