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Australia seeks skilled workers to live and work in Australia. Over 189,900 visas to be granted between 2003- 2006 and over 100,000 jobs advertised weekly. Do you qualify?

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Australian Working Holiday visa provides opportunities for people between 18 and 30 years of age from some countries to work and holiday in Australia.

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Are you planning on travelling to Australia to visit family and friends? The Australian Government has now made it possible to arrange an ETA via the Internet. Issued Online.

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Would you like to study in Australia? Each year over 150,000 international students from around 140 countries drawn to Australia to study, work and live in Australia. Find out if you are one of the lucky ones.

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Skilled Migration Visa to Australia

Skilled Migration visas are the most readily granted type of visa in Australia, accounting for about 65 per cent of the Australian Migration Program in 2004-2005. This visa is specifically designed to target migrants who have skills that can contribute to the Australian economy. The visa is available to applicants who have appropriate level of training, education and/or on-the-job experience in their chosen occupation. The high level of migrants accepted under this category is set to remain constant and possibly increase over the next three years demonstrating Australia’s appreciation of skilled persons who can contribute to the size and quality of the Australian workforce.

The Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA), the relevant regulatory body in Australia, makes provisions for the following 5 categories of migrants under the Skilled Migration Program.

1.) Independent Skilled Migrant
To qualify for this category you must be a qualified person in an approved occupation in Australia without family sponsorship. You must be able to pass the minimum requirements set by DIMIA, including the DIMIA points test. You must also be under 45 years of age.

2.) Sponsored Skilled Migrant
In order to qualify for this category you must have a close family member (who is also an Australian citizen) in Australia able to sponsor you. Eligibility in this category is assessed on age, qualifications, English & other language abilities. Applicants must also be under 45 years of age and able to pass the minimum requirements set by DIMIA, including the DIMIA points test.

3.) Skilled Designated Area Sponsored Migrant
In order to come to Australia under this category you must have a family sponsor living in a particular region of Australia and must be able to pass the minimum requirements set by DIMIA, including the points test. If your Australian employer, who wants to nominate you, is in a remote area outside metropolitan districts, he or she can sponsor you through this scheme.

4.) Employer Nominated Migrant
Employers may nominate skilled people from overseas to fill an Australian job vacancy when no one local has suitable skills for the job. To determine eligibility under this category your age, qualifications and English abilities will be assessed.

5.) Distinguished Talent Migrant
This is a very small category designed for especially talented people, particularly in the arts or in sports.

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