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Job Guide Australia

Living in Australia

Want to know why they call Australia the 'lucky country'? Find out in this section.

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Job Guide Australia

Want to work in Australia? Job Guide Australia provides current information on working and living in Australia, including:

Jobs in Australia
Occupations in demand
Australian Work Rights Visas
Finding work in Australia
Australian resumes
Australian labour market
Working Holidays in Australia
Living in Australia

Find all the relevant information you need on work and life in Australia and Australian Working Holidays. Gain access to a Free Visa Eligibility Assessments and Australian Resume Services.

Shortage of skilled workers in Australia
Want to work and live in Australia? You can use your skills to migrate. Over 97,500 Australian Skilled Visas are available in this financial year.

Large number of visas available
Want an Australian work rights visa? Australian is experiencing a shortage of workers. A range of Work Rights Visas are available.

Excellent job prospects for skilled workers
Want a job in Australia? Skilled visa holders have excellent job prospects; 89% of skilled migrants gain employment within the first 6 months and 92% within 18 months of arrival in Australia.

Wide range of job opportunities available
Want a choice of jobs? Over 150,000 new Australian jobs are advertised every week.

Australian Working Holiday, popular option
Want to work while on a holiday in Australia? Unique tourist attractions and good job prospects make Australia a very attractive destination.

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Explore this site to get all the relevant information you need or see if you qualify for an Australian work rights visa by taking a: Free Instant Visa Eligibility Assessment

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